Asbestos surveys

There are two types of asbestos surveys, management and refurbishment/demolition survey.

Management survey is designed to allow duty holder to create asbestos 
management plan. It is non intrusive survey concentrating on accessible products(ceiling, walls, floor below carpet etc.) It includes material and risk assessment.

Refurbishment and demolition survey, intrusive inspection carried out to detect as

far as reasonably practicable asbestos containing products prior to start of

refurbishment or demolition works. It greatly reduces risk of potential exposure

and allows to plan asbestos removal in advance.
Significant number of asbestos containing materials requires removal contractor to 
notify Health and Safety Executive two weeks before works begin.

Depending on location and amount of potential asbestos it can drastically

delay the project.

We can also offer combination of both types of survey and carry out Management

survey to entire property with targeted refurbishment inspection to specified areas.

At the end of each survey we produce report which includes locations, descriptions and 
photos of sample locations as well as recommendations and sample analysis report.
If need arises we are able to organise asbestos removal.


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Regulation 5 of The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012
Identification of the presence of asbestos

 An employer must not undertake work in demolition, maintenance or any other work which exposes or is liable to expose employees of that employer to asbestos in respect of any premises unless either

(a)that employer has carried out a suitable and sufficient assessment as to whether asbestos, what type of asbestos, contained in what material and in what condition is present or is liable to be present in those premises; or
(b)if there is doubt as to whether asbestos is present in those premises, that employer
(I)assumes that asbestos is present, and that it is not chrysotile alone, and
(II)observes the applicable provisions of these Regulations.

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